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Fabrication Update – Build Day 5/29!

On May 29th, we had our first build day in over 3 months! We worked on training our freshmen members, as well as on gusset and strut attachments for our current wing.

The first thing we worked on was safety procedures with Agastya, Alex and Dylan. We had an overview of all of the basic tools such as the sander, bandsaw, router, and drills. The freshmen also got hands-on with all of the tools, learning how to cut, sand and drill leftover plywood chunks found in the workshop.


After training the freshmen, work began on drilling holes in the spars for strut and gusset attachments. The first holes drilled were in the spars connecting to the aileron, where the struts will be attached. We began the drilling process with a 1/8th inch drill bit to start off the hole, then used a 1/4th inch drill bit to widen each hole to the size of the bolts. 


We were drilling several holes: 


The problem here was that we finalized the holes after constructing the wing, so it made for tight drilling spots and hole imperfections. 


When there weren’t tight spots, the problem was with accurately lining up the holes in order to get the bolt straight.



Pictured below is our jank measuring tape method, where we tried to get the holes to go through the center line between the two spars. We came across many issues with misaligned holes, and eventually had to expand a few which shouldn’t be too large of an issue since we have a safety factor of 2.



But we did eventually get all our holes in and be able to fit a bolt! As shown, we left about 1.25” between the center of the bolt to the edge as a safety measure so it does not tear out. 



Warning and recommendation for the future: drill all the holes in the spar before constructing the wing! 

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