Fuselage Design

Fuselage Design Day 2

Ryan realized that the Legal Eagle is unnecessarily built out on the bottom of the empennage which, after some calculations, he realized we did not need, given our design requirements. Ryan’s design differed from the Legal Eagle in several other ways, as to strengthen the connection between the empennage and cabin, as he was worried of bending and decided to add more beams for additional security. Ryan sketched the updated empennage by hand and in Rhino before Maya implemented the changes into Onshape.

*Editors note: the thought processes and design choices presented in this article don’t necessarily represent those implemented into the final design and are subject to change. Flight Club Aerospace is a group of amateur students with no formal education in any fields of engineering. We present this information for educational purposes only, with the understanding that it is not to be re-created without adequate professional oversight and mentorship. For our latest designs and updates, please see our most recent blog posts.

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