Wing Design

Wing Design Day 6: Assembly Rough Draft

Perspective of wing assembly

Assembly Rough Draft

Lick-Wilmerding High School had a half day today so we worked on the wing for nearly 3 hours straight. Too many changes were made than can be easily summed up in this paragraph but here are a few key highlights:

  • Updated rib and bushing design so that all ribs are identical and only the bushing changes in ID to adapt to varying torque tube fitting to mitigate bending and lockup. This will improve construction simplicity.

  • Fixed annoying drag strut multiplier variable. Previously, when you changed the drag strut multiplier it would break the design.

  • Fixed undersized compression and drag strut bracket bolt spacing on the aft spar

  • Added wingtip rib which doesn’t have a bushing hole since the torque tube doesn’t extend to the wingtip.

  • Redid rib and false rib variablization and patterning to use mate connectors. That way, we don’t design any redundant parts in the part studio but can easily update the assembly (which lacks variables) if any variables are changed in the main part studio.

  • Threw together a rough draft of the assembly which lacks bolts, aileron ribs, and a bunch of other stuff. It still functions as a good visual reference though, and helped identify a slew of problems.


*Editors note: the thought processes and design choices presented in this article don’t necessarily represent those implemented into the final design and are subject to change. Flight Club Aerospace is a group of amateur students with no formal education in any fields of engineering. We present this information for educational purposes only, with the understanding that it is not to be re-created without adequate professional oversight and mentorship. For our latest designs and updates, please see our most recent blog posts.


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