Wing Design

Wing Design Day 5: Torque Tube Updates and Bushing Adjustments

Updated wing structural layout with extended torque tube


Torque tube updates and bushing adjustments

Further discussion on the aileron hinge design thread from the HomebuiltAirplanes forum suggested that piano hinges are too prone to binding and that U bracket hinges are too complicated to install on a circular spar. This makes a torque tube assembly the most viable option, despite its susceptibility to binding with high wing flex. Originally, we had planned to design the torque tube to be as short as possible to minimize flex, but that didn’t take into account how we would be controlling it. Since we will be using a push rod control system for its simplicity and smoothness, the torque tube should span the entire length of the wing so that it can be connected to a push rod within the fuselage. This would put the ailerons at an extreme risk of locking up during flight though because of the flexibility of the torque tube across such a large span. Because of this, we designed bushings with a varying ID such that the torque tube fits loosely near the root and snugly where the aileron is attached. That way, slight wing flexing won’t interfere with aileron usage as most of the flex will be near the root of the wing anyway. Lastly, the design team added 3 different lengths of trailing edge and updated the aileron and half rib design to be simpler and easier to manufacture. The new design accommodates a maximum deflection angle of 45 degrees in both directions, much more than the required 25. Note that the torque tube positioning has been moved back from the leading edge of the aileron and is instead concentric with the center point of the leading edge arc.


*Editors note: the thought processes and design choices presented in this article don’t necessarily represent those implemented into the final design and are subject to change. Flight Club Aerospace is a group of amateur students with no formal education in any fields of engineering. We present this information for educational purposes only, with the understanding that it is not to be re-created without adequate professional oversight and mentorship. For our latest designs and updates, please see our most recent blog posts.


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